Incineration – The Solution
Cubic Engineering and their UK supplier Insite Consulting Ltd and Todaysure Matthews Ltd have been providing work camp incinerators to a range of industries for over 10 years. Todaysure Matthews are the exclusive manufacturer of the Surefire™ range of incinerators and part of the Matthews group, the largest manufacturer of incineration and cremation equipment in the world.

Advances in technology and in particular emission filtration technology means that incineration is now the preferred option when considering the environment and incinerators can now be installed in built up locations with no risk to the local population.

It is essential that we provide you with exactly what you need and a major part of our portfolio is the study of waste streams and quantities generated and matching this with the correct design and size of incinerator. The Surefire™ Response range of incinerators are designed specifically to destroy all types of combustible waste streams generated in construction/oil staff camps.

After Sales
All our incinerators arrive fully commissioned and are designed to be easy to operate. Cubic Engineering Ltd are the exclusive in county installation, maintenance and repair provider for Todaysure Matthews Ltd and in addition to the manufacturer’s Warranty, provide full technical support for every installation as and when required.

Our Commitment to Quality
All our systems are bespoke and designed to suit the client’s exact requirements. We insist on using only the highest grade materials and parts at every stage of construction, allowing us to offer the highest quality products available. The quality and durability of all our incinerators and equipment makes them ideal for the harshest and most demanding environments the world has to offer